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Get us where you wish

Baalfolket will show up where we are wanted. We bring:

  • Journeys into the Dreaming
  • Baalfolket Retreats
  • Concerts and Events

Journeys into the Dreaming

An evening dedicated to being. Lasts 3-4 hours with plenty of time to set the group energy, make the Journey, which can last up to 1,5 hours, and spend some time sharing, jamming, enjoying some snack; whatever we are inspired to.

Baalfolket Retreats
Into the Dreaming; Keys to inner Harmony. From friday to sunday in natural surroundings.

Rediscover your natural being through Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Voice-Liberation, Understanding Nature, Magic and Consciousness, and Journeys.
A weekend focusing on you and your uniqe Journey.

Conserts and Events
A different sound-experience and consciousness inspired by Nature and Erath's Native People.


How to booke Baalfolket

If you wish to booke Baalfolket to a certain time and place, do so by contacting us by mail with all relevant information, and what you would like Baalfolket to offer.

Add your name and phone-number. Price depends on travel and living expenses, so we will come to an agreement.

Send the e-mail to:

If you have any questions, please do call:
LeNa at: (+47) 934 33 578, or Marte at: (+47) 481 50 602














From concert in Vassdalen 2014The Fire