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A presentation of our releases

Some information about our CDs. Here you can also order our CDs. Do so by sending us an e-mail til, with name, adress, and phonenumber, and we will call you to confirm the order, and send it to you as soon as possible. The prices are ex. postage.


2014 - 'Out of the Box - Into the Dreaming'

The recording of this CD was done in Harstad Speiderhus in September 2014. Everyone there (including Lill and Marte) had a powerful and strange experience.

Originally it was meant to be a new recording of 'Journey Into the Dreaming', but the circumstances, the energies, and the athmosphere in the room was so heavily charged with something strange and powerful we couldn't identify, that it became something else. Something unusual, even for Baalfolket. After the recording all were affected. There were almost a quiver in the air, and during the listening to the recording, all had powerful and special experiences. This was not 'Journey Into the Dreaming', but it had it's own power. Power to take us on a Journey, power to tear us out of the known, out of 'the box'...

We were taken on a Journey into the Unknown.

Out of the Box - Into the Dreaming


2011 - 'Journey Into the Dreaming'

All of Creation, with All that IS, occurs in the Dreaming, between awake state and deep sleep. In the Dreaming you are your own Student and Master.

'Journey Into the Dreaming' is inspired by Willy Korvanen Maeland's tales about the Dreaming. Based on on legends and myths of the Aboriginies in Australia, Baalfolket's first 'Journey Into the Dreaming' was performed for a group of people at the Alternative Summer Solstice Festival 2003

It took us nearly 8 years, with innumerable Journeys, and 4 attempts before we found the right setting to finish this meditation-CD. It is created with the intention to help every listener... who allow themselves to go on the Journey.

(No longer for sale)

Reise i Drømmetida



2010 - 'Førandring / Change'

The recording was made in Tromsoe in 2010 by 'R&R Production'. A series of events and upheavals made the name of the 'child' simple. A loving reminder that the more we are in contact with your inner self and love, the easier will every Change be experienced.

The road to finished product was a relatively long and instructive journey for those involved. We understood right away when we met 'Rune and Rune' in R&R Production' that we had attracted the right people to work with in studio to preserve the unique energy of the finished product.

(No longer for sale)



2005 - Sirkel (Circle)

The first CD Baalfolket released, made by the original members of the group Lena Paalviig Johnsen, Will Rubach, and Willy Korvanen Mæland. The only CD Ballfolket made with lyyrics. Three tracks were recorded 'live' in Harstad Kulturhus during 'Multicultura', and the rest of the tracks were recorded in Harstad Speiderhus, where Michael Antonsen participated on Didjeridoo.

(No longer for sale)